Cranes, a multi-action hoist that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a range. Weihua, a leader of crane manufacturers, main manufactures gantry cranes, hoists, mining machine, jib cranes, light cranes, overhead cranes and container cranes, etc.
Gantry Crane, including genery purpose gantry crane, light-duty gantry crane

Gantry Crane

The metal structure of the gantry crane likes a portal frame, two legs are installed under the main beam and can be directly walked on the ground track. These cranes work very efficiently in the outdoors, achieve high speeds and high capacity. The gantry crane manufacturing process meets the requirements of different customers.

Overhead crane including 320t overhead crane for foundry

Overhead Crane

Overhead crane is a machine that moves through a head space in a facility rather than moving a very heavy load through an aisle or floor. The overhead crane has a high load movement lifting capability. The crane travel is guided by the operator and can be guided manually or by a wired suspension station or wireless control unit.

Light crane including quality light combined crane and jib crane

Light Crane

Light crane is a perfect solution for fast and safe overhead transport. Due to its flexible modular design, this crane system can be tailored to your workplace needs. Supported by a hollow profile made of steel or aluminium, the material can be moved in a straight line or covered in an area.

Manual of intelligent parking systerm

Parking Equipment

WeiHua parking equipment is produced to solve the difficulty of parking, provides access control, collection, license plate recognition and software solutions to achieve the perfect operation of the entire system.Our range of parking systems will allow you to take your parking lot to another level of quality and operation, control access and easily manage the entire facility.

Wehua Group supply kinds of Electric Hoist and Trolley


WeiHua's Hoist products for overhead, gantry and semi-gantry gantry, single and double beams, and other types of applications. Hoist also comes in different versions: stand, single beam and double beam. Rugged and compact, modular construction, easy to maintain, with different cable bundles, allowing for various hook paths, lifting speed and work group FEM /ISO, depending on hourly start-up requirements and duty cycle for lifting loads.


What We Do?

Weihua Group, a leading crane manufacturing company in China, was Founded in 1988. We has been committed to heavy machinery researching and marketing. The m



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