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    In 2019, the government work report first proposed "smart +": "Deepening research and development applications such as big data and artificial intelligence. Building an industrial Internet platform and expanding 'smart +' to empower the manufacturing transformation and upgrading." Ali Research Institute, Ant Research Institute Alibaba Research Team, such as Alibaba Cloud Research Center, recently released a research report on "Smart +" "From Connection to Empowerment: "Intelligence +" Helps China's High-Quality Economy" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), "Intelligence +" is the foothold of the new industrial revolution, and the future will help the high-quality development of the Chinese economy.

    New patterns in manufacturing, new formats continue to emerge

Since 2016, government work reports have successively proposed "Internet +", digital economy, and "smart +". According to the research on the development degree of digital factories, the proportion of digital factories in China is about half of that in Europe and America. The level of digitization in China's manufacturing sector needs to be improved, and it still lags far behind leading countries in the analysis and decision-making of intelligent data. However, the "nuclear fusion" of the intelligent technology group will promote the arrival of the "smart +" era.

   According to the report, the cloud is the infrastructure of the smart economy, and the industrial brain will be the intelligent industry defined by “data + computing power + algorithm”. A new generation of information technology drives the tens of billions of industrial clusters. The "smart +" ultimate layout is to build a digital twin world. Digital Twins realizes the interconnection, interoperability and interoperability system between the physical world and the digital world by establishing precise mapping and real-time feedback mechanism between the physical world and the digital world, constructing a virtual world to describe, diagnose, predict and decide new systems for the physical world, and optimize physics. World resource allocation efficiency.

     At present, new modes of manufacturing and new business formats are emerging, such as networked collaborative development, personalized customization, intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, and platformized operations. In 2018, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China reached 38.1 trillion yuan, approaching the United States, and consumption became an important engine for China's economic development. Among them, the national online retail sales amounted to about 9 trillion yuan, accounting for 23.6%. Consumers are digital, and retail scenes are also changing digitally and intelligently. Smart retail has become a new kinetic energy consumer.

The "Report" believes that digital technology and smart technology will help rural revitalization, and "technical empowerment + experience empowerment" will promote the development of global inclusive finance.

Innovation and competition into a smart economy twin engine

Technological progress, consumption upgrading, industrial support, and credit guarantee are the four driving forces for the development of China's digital trade. Intelligentization will promote the development of digital trade.

    According to the report, smart technology promotes the development of global digital trade. Relying on new technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., digital trade with cross-border e-commerce as an important content has caused major changes in the main bodies, commodities, processes and rules of international trade. Help small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in global trade, make trade efficiency more optimized, trade more convenient, develop more inclusive, achieve seamless integration of global production, consumption and services, and promote smart manufacturing, intelligent services and C2M transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.

Digital trade achieves globalization of consumption and globalization of business operations. Digital trade is an important driving force for digitalization to drive the wave of globalization: a flat trading model will promote more equal, more inclusive and sustainable globalization, and accelerate the globalization of companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and developing countries. At the same time, digital trade is the fast lane for overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. Cross-border e-commerce and new retail enable overseas brands to create full-link digital commerce. Digital trade can also help the “Belt and Road” countries expand their exports to China and the world.

  The "Report" pointed out that governance in the intelligent era has three major changes: from manual governance to intelligent governance; from one-way management to collaborative governance; from domestic governance to global synergy. Innovation and competition have become the twin engines that drive the development of smart economy.

The "Report" suggests that it is necessary to be brave in innovating anti-monopoly theory that is compatible with the intelligent economy; to promote innovation as the starting point of competition legislation and the foothold of competition policy; to deepen the study of the competition policy of intelligent economy and to implement the goal of encouraging innovation; Effectively responding to the challenges of intelligent economic competition law enforcement will encourage innovation throughout the entire process of competition law enforcement; based on the competition of intelligent economic globalization, the formulation and implementation of competition policies pay more attention to international competition factors.

Source: People's Network

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