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Crane companies should pay attention to the website circumvention of infringement

According to a recent survey of the crane market, many crane manufacturers generally have “infringement” phenomenon. Many salesmen and even similar branches have serious problems with “infringement” of production enterprises. "There was a big loss."

The crane production enterprises are also deeply hurt by this "infringement". According to the incomplete statistics, many salesmen have made information on the crane production enterprises in the Internet construction company without the authorization of the crane manufacturer, especially some companies in Xinxiang know that these salesmen are not authorized by the factory, but in the abnormal situation, they help the salesman to evade the supervision of the website's filing provisions for filing.

For example, a salesman himself did not register for the crane production enterprise, or even just got the qualification of the production enterprise and the scanned copy of the legal person identity. These documents were originally used for crane bidding, but a well-known station company in Xinxiang However, they used these companies to file a record for the salesman with the company as the main body, which caused the company’s official website to be unable to file the record. Even in the process of negotiating with it, the other party wanted the company to The record of the salesman's prepared case was added to the record, which caused the official website of the company to fail to file. The main thing is that the website built by this salesman is not the main body of the crane manufacturer. It only uses the information of this record but the main body of the website is another enterprise information. This behavior is produced for this crane. The enterprise has caused a great negative impact. When the company normally issued an infringement announcement letter, the well-known website construction company of Xinxiang also refused to cancel the registration main body of the website many times, so that the crane manufacturer was honored last. The right to warn Xinjian, the station-building company, completed the registration and cancellation of the infringing website this morning.

According to the survey, the phenomenon similar to the situation of this crane manufacturer is very common. Because the crane manufacturer has no legal awareness, many well-known crane manufacturers have been unable to improve their brand. Such behavior is very malicious. The impact is on the order of the entire market of the crane. In fact, in the course of the investigation, we also found that many salesmen exist in the daily business activities, using cranes to produce the company's formalities, but the crane products are not used by this crane manufacturer, and even involve the products of the multi-production enterprises. . As a result, once the crane product operated by the salesman has any problems, the crane manufacturer used by the salesman has become the main responsible person, which has caused a great reputation for the crane manufacturer. The main reason for this loss is that it is still very common.

In the issue of “infringement”, the crane enterprise is still in the position of initiative. At present, in this society focusing on brand and image, the crane manufacturer should establish a complete network specification management plan, unified management and regulation of salesmen and branches. The website is conducive to the improvement of the image of the crane production enterprise, and can also avoid the unnecessary economic loss and reputation loss.

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