Home News Crane killed 1 person and injured 5 people when Dallas apartment collapsed

Crane killed 1 person and injured 5 people when Dallas apartment collapsed

According to rescue officials, a crane collapsed in an apartment building and parking lot in Dallas on Sunday, killing at least one person and injuring five others.

Dallas fire and rescue officials said the crane passed through a multi-storey building on the five-story Elan City Lights residential building near downtown Dallas at around 2 pm, due to bad weather.

Rescue officials said the two victims were classified as critical and the other three were classified as "serious".

Dallas Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer Jason Evans said the ongoing investigation was very unstable.

“The situation is still going on and the situation is still evolving, so many of the things I offer to you may actually change as we leave the scene,” Evans said at a press conference near the accident.

He said the building suffered multiple collapses in different parts of the building, including residential space and parking lots.

According to the US National Weather Service, Dallas Love Field's highest recorded gust in the region is 71 mph, but the height of the crane at the top of the building may be higher.

“Now, our top priority is the living area on the eastern side of the building, and it seems that all five floors somewhere in the building have collapsed,” Evans said. "This is the same area as the deceased was discovered."

He said that as the investigation progressed, the number of victims may increase, and pointed out that some areas are too dangerous for the police.

“Now, every floor of the parking garage has collapsed. We reported multiple cars in the collapsed area,” he said. "Of course, we don't know if anyone is in those cars or parking lots."

“We were unable to perform primary or secondary searches on the safety issues of the first responders,” he added.

The police said that all units have been searched and everyone is now counted.

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