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How to escape electric shock during the lifting operation

Cranes often encounter some electric shock during the lifting operation. What should you do as an operator if you have an electric shock? Here you are prompted: During the lifting operation, if the wire breaks or the boom touches the high voltage line, the whole machine is still in the same potential, and the current in the crane will not cause damage through the human body. The driver should first eliminate the fear. The on-site personnel should surround the danger zone and warn the outsiders not to touch the car body. After that, if the driver can remove the boom from the power supply (including the danger zone), the danger can be eliminated;

If it is difficult to cut off the power supply and cannot be disconnected from the power supply, the driver should not easily go to the ground. Shut down all the joysticks calmly and then jump off the vehicle with the feet together (note that the driver can no longer touch the body after jumping off the vehicle). After jumping down, continue to close your feet or one foot and jump out of the danger zone (never walk). In this process, because the body is always at the equipotential point, the body is prevented from being electrically shocked, and it usually jumps out at least 20m.

Do a good job before the homework. Before the lifting operation, all aspects must be prepared to prevent accidents and accidents. The contents of the homework preparation are:

1. Prepare and inspect lifting equipment, including wire ropes, shackles, clamps, hanging baskets, etc.

2. Prepare auxiliary tools, including skids, masts, wire hooks, etc.

3. Identify and clean up the location of the object, requiring a level and spaciousness.

Prepare the contact signal for standardization before the job. The contact signal is the bridge between the driver and the lorry. Many accidents are caused by mistakes in information exchange. Therefore, whether it is a ground command signal or a crane warning signal, it should be contacted according to the prescribed standards. In particular, the crane driver can only operate after the command signal, the hanging state, the running channel, and the landing space are confirmed.

Choose a safe location. During the lifting process of cranes, the area endangered by the impact, sway, and landing of the hoist is called the dangerous area (dead angle). In the operation, the hoisting work is often in the dangerous area. Therefore, selecting a safe location based on the characteristics of the hazardous area under specific conditions is an important aspect to effectively prevent lifting injurie. Weihua group, best crane supplier, always provides all kinds of safety and minimum price cranes for buyers, including gantry crane, light crane600t cranecrane parking systemquayside container crane, etc.