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How to maintain single girder crane equipment

Mechanical equipment has a specified rated life, but these can only be used as a reference data. If in daily life, you care more about the performance of the equipment will exceed the specified service life, but if in daily life, the maintenance and operation are neglected, then the equipment will be able to age prematurely. This article will take you to understand the three maintenance principles of electric single girder crane equipment.


1. Maintain daily inspection


It mainly refers to the inspection of the wear and tear of the equipment parts, the tightening of the equipment, and the safety device in the process of daily idleness and use. If problems are found, they must be dealt with in a timely manner. If they are unable to handle them, they need to be marked to tell other staff that they should stop the rectification, and promptly report to the superiors to wait for the maintenance personnel to complete the work before they can return to work.


2. Equipment is lubricated


Electric single-girder cranes are also made of some steel and other raw materials. Therefore, wear and tears occur between parts during use. Therefore, humans have invented lubricants that can effectively reduce equipment wear. Lubrication of equipment is also a matter of learning. Maintenance personnel must strictly follow the standards in order to get the equipment to be lubricated in place to achieve the best results.


3. Regular cleaning


It means that the electric single-girder crane has been working in a harsh environment for a long time, and there will be dust and impurities from the outside, and impurities will fall into the interior of the equipment. However, some internal parts may be damaged if some dust or the like falls due to seal damage. The serious consequences of foresight. At the same time, if the surface of the equipment's heat dissipation system is covered with more dust and other substances, it will cause failures such as failure of the heat dissipation system. Moreover, cleaning the equipment can effectively prevent the surface of the equipment from being seriously corroded by some substances such as acid and alkali.