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How to purchase a best quality crane

There are a lot of cranes on the market. Many people don't have a special understanding of the crane, so it is easy to buy by price, but this has a lot of limitations. After all, the quality of a crane cannot be completely measured by price. Below, weihua group will introduce you to some places that need attention in the purchase of cranes.

First, crane accessories to buy brands to go ahead.

When purchasing engineering crane parts, I often faced many brands of products, I don't know how to choose, or I already had the right brand choice in my heart, but after being lobbied by others, my heart chose to shake again. What I have to say here is that the direction of purchase should be clear, shop around, consider product prices, quality and services, and don't listen to one word.

Generally speaking, the scale of enterprises of famous brand products is relatively large, the research and development capabilities and quality assurance conditions are relatively strong, the product quality is relatively stable, and the three-package service is relatively timely. If the economy is suitable, there is no very special situation. It is recommended that everyone first Consider the accessories that make the brand.

Second, the crane accessories purchase carefully selected operators.

We must choose a fixed business operation point with a business license and business license product business license; second, we must choose a business location with formal, reliable, good reputation and certain economic strength; third, we must select the characteristics and characteristics that can provide engineering crane accessories. Maintenance measures and other business operations related to consulting services to make products safe and reliable. Again, it is necessary to see if the trademark logo of the accessory is complete.

The quality of the outer packaging of the authentic product is good, the writing on the box is clear, and the color of the overprint is clear. The package name and the box should be marked with the product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number, etc. Some manufacturers also Put your own mark on the accessories, some large or important parts are shipped with the instruction manual to guide the user to use the maintenance correctly. When buying, you should recognize it in case you buy fake and shoddy products.

Third, crane parts purchase key to see specifications.

There is a never-ending truth in the traders that is: the right is the best. No matter how loud the brand of the product is, the quality is more reliable, but what is the use if it is not suitable for you? Therefore, when picking the engineering crane parts, you must also pay attention: Is the model of the product suitable? What is the specification? What is the compatibility? If you purchase electrical accessories, you should pay attention to check whether the voltage and power of the replaced parts are consistent; when purchasing bearings, you should pay attention to the bearing type. Specific analysis of the specific situation, these need buyers to summarize in the actual situation, so as to avoid the wrong purchase of the wrong installation caused undue losses.

Fourth, the crane parts purchase details shuold be noticed.

Although there are many accessories for engineering cranes, in general, the main reason for buying is to see if its geometrical dimensions are deformed, whether the surface of the parts is rusted, whether the protective surface is intact, whether the bonded parts are loose, and whether the rotating parts are flexible. Whether the parts are missing or not, the assembly marks are clear, and the surface is worn or not.

These generally require the accumulation of experience. If you are a novice, it is best to accompany the relevant experience person, or check the relevant technical parameters of the accessories you want to buy before going online. Weihua group supplies all kinds of best quality gantry crane,hoist,hydraulic scissor lift, etc.