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Home News Strive to win the future weihua group held a listing work to promote the organizational structure and personnel adjustment special mobilization meeting

Strive to win the future weihua group held a listing work to promote the organizational structure and personnel adjustment special mobilization meeting



 According to the need of group development, fully support wei hua shares listed work, ensure that the "short a major task, long term two directions and three goals," the smooth realization of the strategic task, at the beginning of New Year, wei hua group held a public work promoting special mobilization meeting, personnel changes and organization structure key work deployment, planning and development direction

    Han Gongan group chairman at the meeting pointed out that at present, the party and the country attaches great importance to and vigorously support the development of private enterprise and the real economy, at the same time, wei hua and changyuan county in hoisting industry of China in a leading and leading position, the local government support to realize leaping development wei hua group, the group is committed to build a team unity, harmony, upward, wei hua at this stage to enter the capital market, is both ", geographical and human conditions ". This organizational structure and personnel adjustment is the re-mobilization of the new starting point and new journey of weihua group, as well as a major decision on the way of weihua group's innovation transformation and second entrepreneurship.

Complete the construction and relocation of weihua intelligent equipment industrial park with high standards; Sorting out and cultivating the emerging industries of smart equipment of weihua with high profit, high added value and high technical content, and creating the super qualified weihua construction workers.
Han hongan stressed that talents are the most valuable resource of weihua and the driving force of weihua's development. In the future, the leap-forward development of weihua group needs more support from talents. In the future, in the selection of talents, wei hua should cultivate good seedlings, introduce phoenix and clean up borers, so as to keep a steady stream of professional talents and promote the sustainable development of the enterprise. Han hong 'an suggested setting up the company's annual "five heroes" and "five golden flowers" selection, formulating the future succession plan, and setting up the honor list and shame list of talent cultivation, and corresponding rewards and punishments for talent cultivation, so as to inject inexhaustible power into wei hua's future development.

Han Gongan requirements, all the managers to unify thoughts, aim at target, with high full enthusiasm and high sense of mission and sense of responsibility, with strong man brokeback determined to go ahead on process, promoting group, industry consolidation, go all out, struggle, high standards and high quality to finish the work tasks, to realize leaping development for wei hua again struggling, become the pioneer WeiHuaXin era.