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The development trend of China crane manufacturer

Recently, China has occupied 4 seats in the list of the top 10 companies in the engineering machinery electric single beam crane industry. The China crane manufacturer will play an increasingly important role on the world stage.

Although China has become the world's largest crane market and the largest exporter of small tonnage crane products, the competitiveness of super-tonnage cranes is still insufficient, and engines, hydraulic components and electronic control systems are still obstacles to development. The technological breakthroughs concerning the large tonnage are more on the domestic large-scale enterprises with strong technical strength. Because the products with large tonnage are technology-oriented, small and medium-sized enterprises may lack technical precipitation and financial support.

Many industrial products have all exceeded the 1,000-ton class. In other words, the four companies in the first phalanx of crawler crane manufacturers have achieved a good technological breakthrough. In terms of scale alone, truck cranes occupy a larger market share. Therefore, for the four companies in the first echelon, internal and external training is more important, not only to face fierce competition from the domestic market, but also To face the technical competition of international enterprises, to some extent, the share of overseas markets is the decisive factor for the future development of construction machinery enterprises.

With the construction of national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructures culminating, the domestic market with electric hoist bridge cranes will expand rapidly. The trend of large-scale cranes has become an irreversible fact. In addition, the crane enterprises can coordinate the production and sales, ensure the fulfillment of the contract, realize the scheduled delivery of the products, establish maintenance outlets overseas, increase the after-sales service for the exported products, improve the recognition of overseas customers, and continuously improve the after-sales process. Use services to boost market share.

At present, the industry segmentation has begun to appear, and refinement is the key direction for the future development of the company. Therefore, providing specialized products for customers in different fields and satisfying their special needs to the greatest extent has become the focus of the next development of most brand enterprises. Not only is the electric hoist bridge crane industry shifting towards a customer-centric marketing concept, the entire construction machinery industry is constantly improving its sales concept and transforming its development model