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High Quality FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen
High Quality FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen

High Quality FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen

  • Specification: 1500-50000 USD/SET
  • Use Parts: 1 SET
  • Layer: 50000 SET
  • Gloss: TianJin
  • Can mix colors: TT or LC

Qulck Details

  • Product Name:FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen
  • Capacity:45-88t/h, 185-325t/h
  • Max. Feeding Size:20*30*35mm, 45*60*80mm
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

FGS High-amplitude Vibrating Screen Description:

FGS high-amplitude vibrating screen is a kind of heavy-intensity circular vibrating screen which is produced by our company, what's more, which has been widely applied to classifying the materials which have different particle sizes. The whole equipment is composed of multiple segments, therein, every segment is the independent vibrating unit, as a result, the equipment has small vibration quality and unlimited moisture in the feeding materials, what's more, due to the non-blocking screening, strong screening capacity and large processing quantity, the equipment is especially suitable for the deep screening of 6mm (above) wet materials.

Structural Features:

1. It is convenient to be installed with small repairing quantity and low operation costs.
2. There is no screen clogging phenomenon with high screening efficiency.
3. It has high vibration amplitude, low frequency and small failure load.
4. The materials flow can be adjusted according to the actual demands, therefore, it can be operated reliably.
5. It has simple structure, attractive appearance and favorable dust-proofing effect.
6. The protective devices are installed on the terminal of vibration exciter and the connection parts, therefore, it can be operated safely. 

High-amplitude Vibrating Screen Specification:


Max feed

granularity (mm)

Rotation speed

of square shaft



Power Weight
SCBF900 20*30*35 1530 45-88 132 8
SCBF1000 25*35*45 1275-1488 67-128 220 14.5
SCBF1200 25*35*45 1061 130-188 250-315 15.5
SCBF1000 45*60*80 955-1062 133-250 160-220 10
SCBF1200 45*60*80 794-881 185-325 250-315 12

Notes:The foregoing attached table shall only be used for reference. The actual application shall be appropriatelymodified according to customers' requirements.  

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